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Jail For My Son? I Don't Think So! (756 hits)


Friday, February 19, 2011 Chris and I went to bed at 11 pm. We left my oldest son Tyler up watching a DVD out in the living room. Before I went to bed I asked Ty to put the newspapers in the recycle bin outside. It’s between our house and our neighbor on a strip of property about 8 feet wide before the neighbor’s yard begins.
This is Your Friendly Neighborhood County Jail Calling At 5 am, our phone in the bedroom begins ringing. I can hear before answering it by the tone of the energy in the ring, something’s not right. I answer it and there is robotic message that someone one in the Volusia County Jail wants to make a collect call named Tyler. We had left Ty in the living room at 11 pm. How could he be in jail? Message was if you wanted to pay for the collect call you had to pay by credit card. Where is your credit card at 5 am in the morning? So we missed out in finding out what happened to him and why he’d be in jail.
Chris figured out how to reach the jail and we found out through jail officials Ty had been arrested for attempted burglary of the next door neighbor. They kept Ty in jail from 2 am until 2 pm that afternoon even though we paid bail for him to be out sooner. We waited at the jail for him to be released from 8:30 am until 2 pm Saturday.
Ty explained to the police and to us that he wanted to get a snack for his movie and decided to walk 1 ˝ blocks to the Circle K Store. He never got to the store because the neighbor called the police on him as attempting to crawl through her bedroom window taking out the screen in the window and then said she saw him running away. The police picked him up before he could enter the store and read him his rights and asked him questions about the supposedly burglary. Ty was stunned to say the least. They told him he was lying and didn’t believe him.
He told the police as he put out the papers in our recycle bin, the huskie dog who sits in the window all the time barking, caused the neighbor’s roommate to come to the door because of the loud barking. She saw the screen down on the ground and saw Ty walking across her property (about 1/8 on her property) coming down the path I told you about earlier from our two houses to make a short cut to the store. Ty is black by the way and “witness” told police it was a black male she saw trying to enter the window. We have maintained that the dog being so large probably pushed the screen with its nose trying to get at Ty as he walked from our yard to the street. We have lived in this neighborhood for eight years. They moved in at Christmastime. Ty has lived with us for one year and a half.
Ty never walks anywhere – why because he has callouses on his feet so thick and painful, it hurts to walk or stand for any long period of time. When he goes grocery shopping, he uses a motorized cart that Wal-Mart has for their customers. He sees a podiatrist, a medical doctor at the VA clinic to dissolve the problem and help get strength back so he can work again. He has not worked in over a year and a half because of this foot problem. He lives with us until he can take care of himself again. So he certainly couldn’t run and he has medical records and x-rays that prove he cannot walk briskly and running is out of the question. He’s been getting medical treatment for a year and a half.
The witness told police she saw him running away from the house. There were no fingerprints of his or proof that he was even near their house because he wasn’t. She is a drug addict for a fact and she must have been hallucinating about what she saw. There were two ladies who roomed together and two dogs.
Which Lawyer Believes Tyler and Who Will Fight for him? We went through interviewing who could and would and who we would want a lawyer to represent him. We found the best after 10-15 interviews with various lawyers. We did not want a public defender (my husband, Ty and I).
On February 28, 2011 I was led to write this letter to God, placed it in the freezer compartment under the ice tray and my intention was to freeze any action of jail incarceration, to stay any accusations against him, to have all charges frozen and dropped against him. These are the words I wrote down with feeling, belief, emotion and expectation:
As of this day, Chris and I are exonerated from being Ty’s financial source – We now see him as capable to financially take care of himself thoroughly, completely and I forgive him. His arrest is my gift to myself and a gift to Chris, Joseph and Ty himself to see where we have been holding Ty hostage as dependent upon us. I now allow Ty to choose an alternative for himself. I now KNOW and BELIVE he can handle this case very well to see himself freed, exonerated and independent with no police record. This has opened up an opportunity for him to figure out how to dig himself out of his apparent hole in the ground. I see him with his own apartment, the means to pay for the apartment, the means to have plenty of food where his refrigerator is “stuffed” with good things to prepare and eat.
The right people (as I below who they are below) are here to help him gather all documents needed to clear his name in court where he will be set free. His eyes are opened to his strength and power. There are more gifts in this scenario ready to be share with all of us. I allow the gifts to show themselves to me now. I demand the gifts to show themselves to all of us!!! I am released from caring for him knowing I can continue to love him without having him be dependent on Chris and me. He sees himself as successful and we see him thusly.
The Love of Christ Jesus, the Love of Universal Mind, All the Ascended Masters and Beings who work, guide and love us Seal and Bind this Intention Permanently on Earth, my mind and in Heaven and So It Is! Then I signed it.
I wrote and left this in the freezer without re-reading it or agonizing over whether my prayer would be answered. I released it. Then I was told to call several friends whom I know are very powerful with visualization, intentions, manifesting change for the better. They are Debbie, Felicia, Inez, Nalani, Mari and Jeanie, Bob and Iris plus Chris and I and two other ladies I had just met. We formed a Master Mind Prayer Group of Freedom for Ty. We all aligned with the Truth about the situation and set it aside for the Universe to work out its manifestation plan for him.
Look! Gifts from God on Our Doorstep! One month later in March, Ty and I were coming home from the VA clinic. As I got out on my passenger side, Spirit had my eyes go over the house next door. I saw the screen had been pushed out of the window, hanging by a thread. I said “Ty quick, get a picture of that screen and the dog”. We were blessed in another way also as there were no cars outside in driveway. We tried camera on my cell phone but sun was too bright to really get it. So we quickly ran inside, got my husband’s camera – took photos as proof that the dog was the only one who could have done that while owner was gone. Not only that, a FedEx truck and driver had been there to leave a package for me. She told us she would be glad to be a witness to what we all were looking at. We told her of the situation and she was glad to leave name, phone number of how to reach her. We gave all that information to the lawyer and he told us good work. When we saw the screen window out, we praised God. There was no way you could have planned something like that as proof of Ty’s innocence and how the screen had gotten pushed out.
Saturday, April 23rd – I first had my meditation period before jumping out of bed. Then I looked in my mind at the paper I had placed in the freezer with my prayer on it where I had aligned with God in knowing Ty would be exonerated from being accused of Feb. 19th burglary of next door neighbor’s house. The ANSWER was no, no need. Everything’s taken care of.
On this day, I received a forwarded email from one of the powerful women of the Master Mind group and I read it. I followed the directions blindly knowing my friend Debbie doesn’t send junk in her emails. She said her father had sent it to her. The bottom part of the forward said your prayer would be granted one way or the other through someone, a phone call, message, TV or some way. You had to put the time you responded to the forward and the date.
This Could Not Have Been Planned by Any Human

One hour later the most amazing thing happened that could not have even been planned out that way by a human.
As I was going off with my youngest son Joseph in my car, the neighbors from across the street came waving and running over to me. They have never done that and they only just started speaking to us about two months ago. The wife said, the woman next door to you told us today, she’s dropping the case against Ty (though he was arrested Feb 19th) based on her roommate in the house. She said the roommate moved out (moved out based on what I know about the energy and power of prayer) and she was the one pressing on with accusing him. Well the owner of the house, will go to her lawyer on Monday and drop the proceedings against Ty. She told our neighbors across the street she didn’t want to have bad feelings going on between her neighbors (us) and herself.
The Visible Messengers of God in Our Physical Realm I cried with joy and hugged the woman and her husband. I squeezed her so hard and cried and laughed again and squeezed again so hard as I was trying to tell them I had just heard not to be concerned about praying, or reading my prayer which I kept on paper in the freezer. I cried and they laughed and we hugged some more and husband did a powerful high five with me. I explained Spirit had already told me. They didn’t get it until I said God told me the news that they had just confirmed for me. They were the messengers the bottom part of the forwarded email had referred to and said I would experience.
I wrote to my friends: “Thank you Debbie, thank your Dad and thank you everyone for making this Master Mind Group for Ty and our family manifest the TRUTH. Thank you for the POWER you all exude through your Faith. That’s why I called you all forth because your LOVE is so strong!!!!!”
I felt God Smile and say to me,
“Happy Mother’s Day Daya.”
Posted By: Daya Devi-Doolin
Tuesday, January 24th 2017 at 1:09PM
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