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The Secret Realm of Greatness (692 hits)


What does being great mean? “Why would I want to be great?” you might ask yourself. Would you like to be in this realm, this heavenly space? Well, I know you already are in this realm, NOW.
I have found being great does not mean being famous. It does not mean everybody knows your name and who you are. Being great means you are manifesting your holiness right here on earth, right now. It means you have taken your purpose and accepted it. You are radiating peace and love wherever you go with no hidden agenda.
It means you are glad to be of service to mankind without being overwhelmed by being of service. You do so out of love and that brings you energy and keeps you energized. It is your honor to be of service when you are called upon by the Universe to do so.
William Shatner, a past guest on Oprah Winfrey’s, is a good example, as are others too numerous to mention, of being great. He had a kidney stone removed. He was made an offer for it, which surprised him that anyone would want it. The offer was $15,000. Then he thought about it and said to himself, if someone would pay $15,000, maybe they’d pay more. So he went back and forth with them until they offered him $95,000 for it.
He accepted the amount and then the idea came to him of how this could be of service to humanity. He gave the $95,000 to Habitat for Humanity. They in turn built a house for a family of color in the New Orleans area where Katrina hit. Now, there is a happy family, he’s happy to have been of service and the buyer of his kidney stone is happy! The kidney stone was only going to be discarded but by “listening” to Spirit, he took a Divine advantage of the situation and made it into a Great experience for all!
I believe it was not his intention to be seen as great. I feel he was only allowing himself to Be aware of being great and to act as only greatness can act.
Being great involves allowing others to grow, accepting them for where they are and helping them to make another step up the spiritual ladder, if you are in a place where you can help to do that. It’s about making sure opportunities are made known to those who can use them in order to better themselves. It’s not about competition or trying to backstab others. It’s not about gossiping, judging, criticizing, laughing at others or blaming them. Doing so merely shows others what a coward you are, how little integrity you have and how little you think of yourself that you have to bring someone else down to prove that you are better than they.
You do not allow people to use you or your time unwisely. You are wise enough to know when this is being done. You are not willing to play games with people or their lives unless it is ‘game’ time for real fun. It might mean taking the end seat at the head table or being seated last. It may mean giving up your seat when you see someone else could benefit by your doing so.
My husband told me one morning, as he was lying in bed just before getting ready for work that the following thoughts were pouring through his head. Blessed by God, he said he was aware of all the problems at his job and how the top managers on down to supervisors do not foster caring and teamwork from a team of employees. They foster competition and stepping on one another. They care about numbers, i.e. how many calls do you take an hour to help internal customers out. He said he has helped an employee (in training) with her calls because she is not familiar with solving some of the calls she gets. He said that when he does this he is out of the loop or call queue. As far as his supervisor is concerned, he is goofing off. But Chris knows he is helping someone and that is more important than a supervisor’s red checkmark on his being ‘out of the loop.’
He told me this morning that he knows he is blessed by God to be detached from the competition and negative energy being fostered there. He said he doesn’t know how he’d survive if he didn’t have the consciousness he has and the tools that allow him to not be affected by the backbiting and competition that goes on.
He shared how those who cannot stand the stress, play the game of taking off quite regularly or they’ll convince their supervisor to work from home several days a week. This is really an excuse to not have to deal with the pressure that is placed on employees in the helpdesk. He sees others take cigarette breaks every twenty minutes or so. He said he doesn’t know how the others survive under such mind games.
Chris told me he would continue where he is needed without sacrificing his integrity and he will continue to be detached from what ‘appears’ to be going on.
“I Want to Be like You (Chris) When I Grow Up.” The team members he works with are experiencing his greatness by the unselfish, giving and loving nature that he brings to work with him every day. One of his team members told me at a party recently, “Chris is the only person I aspire to emulate when I ‘grow up’.” Chris said to me, “I always ask of Spirit What’s the right thing to do in this situation? and the answer keeps me guided and anchored in the midst of the chaos that is all around me.” Being Great is doing what is best, what is right, what is divinely good in all situations. And ultimately, what makes You feel good, without injuring or bringing harm to anyone else, is pure joy! It’s being aware of how to make a situation a win/win situation for all concerned. It’s bringing in the rainbow energy of harmony, peace, calmness, love and clarity on a daily basis with you, wherever you are. It’s becoming the energy of Greatness. Once you allow and become the energy, you are now Great. You are a success. You are Happy from within. Your Happiness radiates out to others, lifting them up even if they don’t know it.
The thought forms that you habitually hold about yourself, will determine your material, emotional and spiritual environment. Your outlook on the world will determine what you experience as either hopeless or hopeful. If you think well of the works of God then you will think well of yourself and you will respect yourself and others.
You will not try to change people if they do not seem to be doing what you think they could be doing. You will not judge them as less than you. You will see them as not inferior or superior to yourself. You will allow them to grow at their own pace and in their own time. And you will realize the Holy Spirit is guiding their every step, as so with you, to the path of greatness.
If you don’t feel you are great, it’s because you don’t believe that you are. You cannot be great if you don’t believe and feel you are. The Law of Attraction doesn’t respond to contradiction. It cannot give you that which you cannot believe you are. It can only offer you more of what you believe you aren’t because of what you are focusing upon as truth. It responds to what you believe and what you know to be true even if it isn’t true on another level of consciousness. It doesn’t judge what you are thinking as right or wrong.
The Law of Attraction Always Responds You are what your thoughts hold to be true and it cannot be any other way. You are what you are because you think as you do. You magnetize unto yourself from the universe more of that which you believe to be true about yourself, even if it’s not true in the eyes of Spirit. Everything that you claim you do not desire, is focused on so strongly with your feelings and emotional nature. The universe only sees it as you asking for more of what you don’t want because you have focused so heavily on that one thing of lack. The Law of Attraction always responds to vibrations and all thoughts have vibration. The Law of Attraction manifests back to you the exact vibrational match of your thought frequency.
When you decide to focus on plenty with feeling and emotion and you are willing to allow, accept and receive, then the Law of Attraction (universe) will respond richly with plenty of what you believe in. It will also respond richly with plenty of that which you do not want but you are focusing on the not wanting it.
When President Barack Obama desired to be President of the United States, which he did desire, he was not focusing on “I am not getting all the states to vote for me”, or “I don’t know how to accomplish this, or I can’t rally all the Volunteer voter support I need.” I believe he was focusing on Be-ing and acting on his desire and feeling very strongly about Be-ing rather than focusing on not Be-ing that which he desires.
The Law of Attraction is responding or mirroring to him more of what he feels and believes in. You are given more of exactly what you believe about yourself, whether it’s positive or negative. What you feel you lack (greatness for example) you will continue to experience until you focus on what you do want. Why? Because you claim you don’t want lack. Lack of greatness will continue to be brought to you according to your belief in it because you are putting such feeling, such emotion into resisting what you don’t want. Your resistance is what the Law of Attraction is working on supplying to you because of the feeling and emotional nature. Your acceptance and permission is what the Law of Attraction is working on supplying you because of your feeling and emotional vibrational nature.

Daya Devi-Doolin
Posted By: Daya Devi-Doolin
Tuesday, January 24th 2017 at 1:03PM
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