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How to Access Your Good! (1097 hits)

This article is a summary of a book entitled The Manifestation Process: 10 Steps to the Fulfillment of Your Desires by John Randolph Price, A Quartus Book Publication. Permission was granted to print this in my last book, Super Vita-Minds: How To Stop Saying I Hate You…To Yourself, Padaran Publications.

I have found this book very helpful in my life and in sharing it with others through my workshops, seminars and lectures. If you practice or go through the techniques you will find your life heading in the way you wish to see it too. Perhaps you could have a friend do this with you or a loved one who shares your dreams.

Step 1 Principle OPENING YOUR HEART This is based on opening your heart and mind to a spiritual nature. It is tuning into that Presence and Power of God within you. If you don’t have this, you will be working with mind power, which offers different results. To get the full impact of the awareness of the Presence, FEEL it. Look within and feel it.

Step 2 Principle of CHOOSING “Get the thought of what you want as clearly as you can.” Make a list of what you want, put it in writing and understand that this is choosing.
By choosing you begin to exercise dominion in all of your life. Spirit will speak to you through intuition, guiding you to choose even greater experiences. All the good that God has for us has already been given to the Reality within us, our Higher Self. We have every thing right now, but we have to claim it.

Step 3 Principle of ACCEPTANCE Spirit cannot make the gift available unless you accept it. Only that which you are willing to accept will be yours. All God’s gifts to you are first in thought form and when we accept these thought forms a pattern of expression of that thought form is established in consciousness. Once you choose what you want, you accept it mentally and with the fullness of your feeling nature.

Step 4 Principle of HAVE. When you accept something, you have it even if it is first in the invisible form. When your consciousness accepts that you have accepted it, then it shifts from a sense of need to one of Have. Joe Goldsmith “By acknowledging that we HAVE, we shall demonstrate HAVE. Move away from “need” to knowing you already have and you shall have it happen for you.

Step 5 Principle of VISUALIZATION The principle of visualization, through the power of creative visualization, you are in the closest proximity to the activity of God-Mind. This power is called imagination. Through imagination, we have the power to change misfortune into favorable situations, disease into health, and unhappiness into joyousness.
This is controlled mental picturing. It’s not daydreaming. See yourself having the fulfillment of your desires in the present moment. Always work in the NOW. One way that helps is to look at what you are wearing prior to visualizing. See yourself doing, being, having and enjoying your good as an accomplished fact. Don’t see yourself trying to arrange things, like a loan for a car. See yourself as driving your friends, taking trips, etc. Add sound, color and dimension. Watch the people involved with you.

Step 6 Principle of LOVE Be sure to love what you are seeing. Generate the warm and beautiful feeling of love and let it radiate through the images in your mind. Love is the power behind the whole thrust of creation. Through the love vibration, you unite the conscious, subconscious and super conscious phases of your mind, and you embody the pattern that represents the fulfillment of your desire.

Step 7 Principle of the SPOKEN WORD Words that we speak causes a vibration in the universal energy field and the effect of that vibration will return to us in direct accordance with the nature of the word. Your word cannot return to you void. You let your good come forth and you firmly declare IT IS DONE. The Universe says AND IT IS SO.

Step 8 Principle of SURRENDER It means we totally and willingly accept the Way, The Truth and the Light of our Higher Consciousness. Let God work out the how, and the details. We must get out of the way of trying to manipulate our good and how it is to come. You will know you have surrendered when you are no longer anxious, concerned, worried and are demonstrating negative energy.

Step 9 Principle of GRATITUDE Have a joyful heart filled with praise and thanksgiving, an overwhelming sense and feeling of gratitude because you KNOW that your problems are solved and your needs are met. The SECRET - be grateful while your good is still invisible! There must be a deep feeling of gratitude in your heart. Gratitude releases a dynamic current of spiritual energy to go before you to exert mighty influence in your world. It eliminates the negative patterns in the subconscious caused by ingratitude.

Step 10 Principle of ACTION Move into action. God’s law works through you. Do whatever it is that intuition guides you to do, NOW! Always listen to that inner feeling for guidance. God can and does meet our needs. We have to act faithful, be faithful and work as if we have what we desired.
Move from fear, doubt and worry. Clean house, office, car, yard, etc. like it has never been cleaned before, or complete a project you’ve been putting off. Ask the Holy Spirit what you should do next? Listen, as you are being still and Act. Your actions will eliminate your fears. Follow each lead and direction God gives you.

Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin, Author, Unity Minister, Co-founder of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary for Reiki, Rebirthing, BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics Spiritual Counselor and other holistic services www.padaran.com, www.blogtalkradio.com/padaran, www.accessconsciousness.com.
Posted By: Daya Devi-Doolin
Thursday, January 13th 2011 at 10:11AM
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After reading your post I sit here now searching for the right words to express my thoughts and feelings about what I just took in. The foundation of what I want to say is WHAT A MAP TO MY DESTINATION. Before logging on I had negative thoughts as well as words that arouse due to my negaitivity oultlook on a situation. I chose to read your blog and it's like it was meant for me to be faced with the TRUTH. Thank you so much for this map of direction to take in order to reach that ulitmate place in life JOYFUL.
Friday, January 14th 2011 at 9:14AM
Timica Davis
Thank you right back to you. I have had this book by John Randolph Price for some 20 yrs now. I asked permission from him to summarize it in my "Super Vita-Minds: How to Stop Saying I Hate You...To Yourself A Spiritual Facelift". He said yes! I had explained to him how much his little pamphlet of a gem had helped me get on the road to understanding more about where I was heading - I was in the right direction but then I learned why I was and how profound that was - a confirmation for me. I also learned the universal why I was on the right path but hadn't known the formula. So carry on being in your ultimate place of life, the JOYFUL place! I'm so happy for you.
Friday, January 14th 2011 at 11:21AM
Daya Devi-Doolin
everybody needs to read and follow these steps,while i have followed most of these my self seeing it like this helps me only more.
Monday, January 17th 2011 at 1:53PM
Thank you Tony! I will share your comments with those on my social network pages. I appreciate you taking the time to write your comments to me.

Richest Blessings to you!

Monday, January 17th 2011 at 3:06PM
Daya Devi-Doolin
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