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What Style Yoga for You? (518 hits)


If you are desiring to begin learning about yoga and want to know what style might be best for you, you can find Yoga centers in your community through directory or online search for your locale. See if they offer a free class so you can get an idea if you like that style or not. Many schools or centers offer a variety of classes, one for expectant mothers for example, classes for children, Power Yoga, etc.

You may not have to visit many schools because they just might offer several classes under one roof and you can arrange to visit each one in maybe two weekends or during one week. Some schools or centers have several qualified teachers that offer the community many choices in the various styles of Yoga. Here are a few popular styles below.

Hatha is a general term that basically means physical types of yoga. It’s a gentle style of Yoga (poses). There are yoga basics such as introduction to yoga, types of yoga, benefits of yoga. You receive tips for a great yoga practice. There are warm-up poses for all styles of yoga. You are introduced to Yoga and Breathing, table poses, back bends, side bends, standing poses, standing forward bends, seated poses and standing balancing poses. Poses are held for short period of time.

Anusara, was founded by John Friend. It’s about opening up to Grace with the postures, opening your heart and allowing the breath to flow through, strengthening your core, your muscles and bones and allowing joy to enter. "Anusara Yoga is currently the fastest-growing branch of yoga in the world and this uplifting, healthful and energizing yoga style is becoming the most sought after form of yoga training among professionals. The principles, practices and philosophy of Anusara Yoga are transformative and impact not only your yoga practice, but every aspect of your life! " John Friend occasionally offers workshops at the Lake Center Yoga http://www.lakecenteryoga.com in Longwood, Florida.

Ashtanga is fast paced and quite an intense style of yoga. A series of set poses is taught and performed in the exact same order. It demands constant movement from one pose to the next. Power Yoga is derived from Ashtanga but it does not necessarily keep to the same set of poses. It’s based on the flowing movement of Ashtanga but not the same series of poses wwwhttp://www.fullcircleyoga.com.

Vinyasa is another general term for various types of classes. A series of warm-ups that include the breath and movement with the breath with a series of poses called surya namaskar or sun salutation. Each movement is matched with the breath.

Kundalini. The emphasis here is on the breath and repetitive movement combined. It frees the energy of the lower body and brings it upwards. Gets rid of toxins by use the breath (prana) and the movements. Kundalini poses are not held for a long time and the movements are repetitive.

Iyengar is based on the teachings of Yogi B.K.S. Iyengar. The poses are held for long periods of time and utilize props to bring the body into alignment. You are taught to get the maximum benefit by being in alignment while practicing.

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Posted By: Daya Devi-Doolin
Monday, February 1st 2010 at 1:09PM
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