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BLACKMEN Posted on 10-03-2009

las vegas, NV

Do you as black men and women feel the youger generation has the foundation of family for

a prosperous future? 

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B & B from Hollywood, FL replied on 08-18-2011 10:30AM [Reply]

Sorry if I don't probably understand the question and answer wrong but I feel that my family (the generations I touch and help create) will have that prosperous future. Its so hard to speak for other people. But with in the area I lived in and still have family living in it's hard to say. (Miami Dade County) I'm seeing my little cousins walk around with four colors in her hair, getting held back grades and staying up all night playing video games. And I know it's the way their being raised and I hate to say that. I worked my butt off to put myself through college but some think that living in terrible areas and living in the streets are the life they want. They're learning too late that that mess ain't cute!! I hope younger generations have the foundation they need. But if the family they're raised in doesn't know any better then they won't know any better unless their is some type of guardian they come into contact with. And that's what I'm trying to do with my little cousins and nephews and nieces. I hope kids can get the strength they need from single parent homes and being key-latch kids to want better and try to do better. But we also need better teachers. Because you're family just isn't who you live with there are alo the church families and school families because these are the places are children learn also although learning must first start at home. Let me stop b/c I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Lol!0

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Lwarir from Detroit, MI replied on 08-19-2015 09:44AM [Reply]

"wmmelvin" wrote:

Do you as black men and women feel the youger generation has the foundation of family for

a prosperous future? 

Honestly I do not see a prosperous future. There are too many broken homes as it is, and a lot of people in our communities don't want to discuss this In a rational manner-ie it is a sensitive topic if you have ever discussed it on other forums. In order for families to prosper it has to begin with a proper base-preferably mom and dad-correction married mom and dad in a stable home is a good start. Children learn by example, some overcome childhood adversities, some repeat it and it becomes an endless cycle.

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PoeticMC from San Diego, CA replied on 07-02-2016 06:41PM [Reply]

Since behavior is learned and because society, not just Black America, has diluted and redefined even the idea of family, with its increasing divorce rates, its lack of family oriented shows, same s*x marriages which combines families via adoption, due to divorce -the increase of single parent households, and so forth, it's literally any wonder what the younger generation even reveres as family. Family is no doubt significant, for the flourishing of our race and humanity, but what is it's influence on a "prosperous future" and what exactly do you define as a "prosperous future"? Good thing for us, such as B&B touched on, influence doesn't end with "family", it may start there, and have more significance for and to a child entering into adulthood, but as the African Proverb has it "It takes a village to raise a child," there are so many other beneficial influences that have great merit on a child's life through adulthood, from teachers, mentors, friends, community leaders in church or various organizations -all of which can have a positive impact. As far as broken homes, lack of strong family bonds, etc., even a bad lesson is a lesson. You can learn a lot from another's mistakes. So perhaps prosperity isn't directly tied to the foundation of family. Not everyone who had a prosperous future, had the foundation of family, and for those who did have that foundation, perhaps their future was grim. To answer the question, I feel the younger generation has a different view of the foundation of family, like every generation before it, that foundation seems to be forever changing, and no matter what it looks like, it may have no bearing on a prosperous future whatsoever...
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