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 AIDS epidemic is a man-made disaster (68 hits)
Who's to blame for this AIDS epidemic? Tell me is it the homosexuals or is it the drug addicts? Well, I guess it must be the green monkey theory. Since that's what the government tried to fill our minds with (lies and propaganda).
It's a proven fact that AIDS was created by the United States government in Fort Dicks, MD 1969. You couldn't find AIDS anywhere. Which leads me to believe that there was a conspiracy by the government to release this germ warfare on a certain group of minorities. But, it backfired and fell upon the rich and the poor.
The government has proven time and time again, that they could care less or even value human life in general. A clear example would be the (400) black men experimented on at Tuskegee University in Alabama. They were injected with a syphilis virus that eventually killed every single one of them. This was supposedly all in the name of science.
People open your eyes, we need to realize what's happening . So many times they have experimented on human beings and they are capable of doing it again. The American government has created chaos and havoc on mankind wherever they've gone. Don't you know if they created a virus, they could create a vaccine to cure that same virus.
AIDS is killing everyone-black, white,brown,or whatever, it has no color. It's germ warfare. Don't think God created this disease because he didn't it was mankind. For it is written in the Bible that man wants to die and destroy mankind. He's doing the best job on earth.
AIDS is a retro virus created by mankind. The first case was found in New York City . The virus was given to a group of homosexuals known to be very sexual active. The disease began to spread like wild fire across the United States.
My thoughts are as follows: the experiment got out of hand. The doctor who started this experiment mysteriously died soon after. Now we are all victims of this deadly disease that they (government) claim they have no vaccine for. Biochemist Jack Felder has stated time and time again, that AIDS was created by mankind and yes they do have a vaccine,but when will they use it.

Posted By: David Cook
Friday, May 25th 2012 at 12:45AM

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