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The Results of Minority Thinking (219 hits)

Minority thinking produces inferior results. The definition of minority is less than something else. It is the opposite of majority.... If is is less that good, it is bad; if it is less than pretty, then it is ugly; if it is less than long, then it is short...; if one thinks of himself as a minority, then he will think of hims self as less than....

There are several arenas where minority status is used to relegate thinking to an inferior status...or unchallenged control.... The use of numbers to classify people...is one way to plant the idea...that they are less than. Nine tenth of the world's population is made up of people of color. Yet each one of these groups are classified as a minority in one way or the other. By making each of the groups a separate entity, gives rise to the belief that they are fewer than anyone else. Another way of classifying these people is that they are white or dark white people thus killing two birds with one stone. This means that the dark white people will add to the true minority, who calls themselves the majority; therefore reducing the numbers of the true majority, the nine tenths, of of color. By labeling all of the people of Europe and North Africa as white people regardless of the color of the skin the true minority adds numbers to maintain...that all Europeans are white and that North Africans are not African.

Another part of the numbers game is the one drop theory....the Founding fathers decided if a person had one drop of African (black) blood he was African. None of the other characteristics...mattered. ...Then where did the dark hair, dark eyed, European come from? Could it be just a drop since genetics says that black is dominant?

Second, people who were here first should constitute a majority since the understated grew out of the majority. The Oldest remains of a homo sapien was found in darkest Africa and contained the DNA found through out the world. ...This search carried such depth of need that a specimen of a man was created and passed off as an earlier find....
It was proven to be a fake.

Third, in the scope of identity, is the evidence of highly evolved communities in areas that dated back to before the discovery of Cro Magnon man. Most of the evidence shows that many highly evolved civilization...existed before the ice melted.... As the culture began to develop in Greece, they traveled to the more advanced cultures to gain knowledge. Then the Romans who were Johnny come latelys traveled to Greece to gain knowledged third hand....

Fourth, another aspect of the numbers game...the numer of people on earth and the highly evolved community, homo sapiens who stood out were the men who are today called minority. Members of the group who identifies thenseves as a minority is perpetuating the myth that was create to oppress, control and otherwise make himself the majority and therefore superior is to relegate a leader to minority status, thus producing inferior results....

Lastly, minority thinking produces a belief in 'separate but equal'. It produces a belief system that says that they don't like the better things in life. It creates the idea that if you speak correct English, you are talking white. It creates the idea that to dress a certain way or wear your hair a certain way is a statemement that you want to be white. Instead, you should learn that everything they learned they learned from you and your ancestors, that they were still in caves and eating raw meat and your ancestors built houses and cooked food.

Minority thinking stiffles independent thought and creative thought. It causes the thinker to only want to do "pretty good" instead of "excellent". It replaces excellence with "I did okay". Minority thinking does not produce winners, that somehow, winning is out of reach, and you don't even enter the competition. Minority thinking accepts leaders chosen by the oppressor, the one that tells you that you are behind in the race for success, that your brain is smaller than your white counterpart; therefore, you have less capacity to learn and measure up to them and that is where you should be. Minority thinking keeps the mind enslaved. You believe that you don't deserve anything but handouts. Minority thinking keeps you believing 'Ican't". Minority thinking is a pair of cement overshoes that keeps you from ascending to the heights of success.

If one believes he is a minority, then he acts like he has no ownership in the country he built, in the institutions of learning he created that educated the world, the creation of his genius and the power he still possesses.

Draw from the power, that exist from knowing that one is the descedent of a powerful , knowledgeable people who taught the world. Replace minority thinking with majority thinking for you are the majority.

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Thursday, May 24th 2012 at 5:12PM
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