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Book Done Now What (1436 hits)

Book done now what? Itís time for a marketing strategy and all that depends on the end result you envision. Some people write books just for family and friends some want to be professional authors but most people are just writers and claim to be authors. My philosophy until itís a fulltime job your just a writer because true authors understand once you complete a book youíre basically a business owner and you have to understand your niche market and in addition nowhere your target market resides and have a plan to reach them and yes it will require some investment on your part.

The more I work in this industry the more I meet people who donít have a clue. I think self-publishing is creating a lot of writers but not authors. We are in the, (do it yourself age) with the internet and thereís nothing wrong with that but when it comes to business, ask around, do some research, there arenít any business owners out there that donít have a marketing budget and allocate a certain amount of funds to reach their market segment, most of these self-published authors donít have a clue, if youíre short on money and thatís quite understandable; get a second job or work overtime and reinvest that extra money into the marketing of your book.

The problem with some of these writers; they are so full of themselves theyíre producing what I call (IBookís); why do I say that.. Because hereís what they do; write the book, do the book cover, do the video, do their own reviews and the end result theyíre the only one interested in reading the book. ďHello,Ē youíre writing a book not just for yourself. I think the downfall of a lot of these self-published writers; they think their book is the best thing since sliced bread but when the dust settles and the pages of their books (they have sit-in in inventory) starts looking like sea scrolls then they start coming to the realization; the IBook is not selling. A lady asked me the other day, ďIs there any advice you can give me in regards to selling more books? I said, ďWell youíre going to need a video and a sound marketing plan because audio and visual aids help reinforce the message. She said, ďwell I can do the video myself it will help me save some time and money.Ē So in essence, she not only saved herself some time and money, she did everybody else the same favor; her book is still collecting dust.

My suggestion have a marketing plan and stick to it for at least six months, in most instances you should have a clue who your audience is, as you construct your book (at least somewhat of a clue) but a lot of the writers are sticking to the same concept; you need a unique niche. Moreover, if you want the same result just keep doing the same thing; Iím being sarcastic.

There are many more great resources out there for marketing your book, but donít get so overwhelmed with options that you do nothing. Choose a few things and focus on them. Double down on whatís working.

So, youíve written a great book. Donít deluding yourself into thinking that by uploading your book to Amazon, Createspace or Lulu, that youíre going to top the New York Times best-seller list by the end of the month, itís a bit more complicated than that. First of all, think about which networks you should be on? Most of our resources focus on Twitter and Facebook because thatís where the people are, with that being said, if you have a niche book, think about niche communities you can reach out to.

Now that you have written and published your book, the hardest part is selling it. With more than 500,000 titles published in 2009, and now the explosion of ebooks, your marketing efforts have to be extraordinary even if you believe you have written a bestseller.

Register as an author on the online book sharing sites like Goodreads.com, Scribd.com, weRead.com and Shelfari. Visitors see your book, may purchase it and post reviews. Furthermore use your book cover as your avatar or personal photo. If your cover is well done and looks interesting it may peak their curiosity enough to investigate your book and purchase it. Work the social networking sites consistently with a strategy in mind once you have chosen the sites best suited to your interests and your book subject, you must participate on the sites for social networking to work. I understand some of this is very time consuming thatís why you always have the option to hire someone to facilitate the strategy and continue to feed the networks Concept Visual Inc. is a great option for strategy marketing. Furthermore; you have to create content that attracts your audience and remember your blog is the hub of your content. The blog is aggregating everything together; engaging, listening and getting input from clients.

How to contribute to the conversation is important as well. Start at the place youíre the most comfortable first, then understand the tools, then you will find which one fits under your marketing niche. Because youíre particular niche has a favorite platform.

Understand the need for great content, share visual snapshot of your likes; public and personal. Content is an important part of the sell. Sales and marketing generate a single revenue content itís the fuel that drives the education of the product and turns a lead into a sale opportunity. There are lots of stages of content; the buying cycle; early, mid and late, they are very relevant before the client gets ready to make a purchase remember content allows you to build relationships. And Emotions have a big play; using emotions to influence the decisions and brand appeal makes all the difference in the world.
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Thursday, May 10th 2012 at 8:35AM
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Congrats in order brother!!!
I love excellence!!
Thursday, May 10th 2012 at 10:20AM
Good post Mr. Hope...
Thursday, May 10th 2012 at 12:34PM
Siebra Muhammad
good info ROD ,im trying to write a book myself ,thanks !
Thursday, May 10th 2012 at 1:19PM
Make it happen, bruh!
Thursday, May 10th 2012 at 6:01PM
Justin Thomas
This is the best and most informal blog that I've ever read on this site. Everything you said was right on point. I have to print this out and share it with others if you don't mind. It's like you looked into my head and read my mind. As a self published author I'm guilty of doing everything you said except that part about putting money into my marketing plan. Actually I have a marketing plan as part of my Business Plan. But you know what, I'm too distracted by my J-O-B. When I started down this road I was unemployed since my job gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. But eventually thank God I found another job and then another. But once I began working again my energy and efforts to market the book went out the window. But it didn't happen all at once. You see my niche is Poetry with a strong leaning towards African American poetry. So my market is African American people in general. But Rod, our people are so envious and difficult to sell to that it almost makes you want to give up. I had to chase this one brother down for three weeks to get him to buy two books. But on the flip side my partner from my other job she always sells about ten or fifteen of my books easily. However she bullies people into buying them cause she crazy. But just let me say again my brother this blog was priceless and just what I needed to get back on track. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Craig A. Garner
Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 at 4:39PM
Thanks for the compliments and responses glad to hear my articles are useful, stop by my site sometime I always have helpful marketing tips and advertising specials, that are easy on the wallet. http://www.minoritiereport.com
Friday, May 25th 2012 at 9:18AM
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